Friday, September 08, 2006

a sermon from Reverend Dr. Mindbender

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands Psalms 100:1

See! For decades I had to spend struggling to make electronic music, for this land, here in the midwest, is filled to the brim with kkk, skinheads, the Rave-Blockers, the Fun-Blockers, for the very heart of the white supremacist secret societies who worship the white devil, for they try to destroy fun dance clubs in favor of "prep music" and the so called "jock music".

As I try to be open-minded and as a musician and like all music in general, it appears to me that the electronic music is the "voice of our generation" it is as Jim said, "the music must change to fit the voices of the generation" in his first interview with Patricia Keneally Morrison. There is no reason that the preppy, jocky, white trash supremacists try their best to destroy the electronic music subculture. For "what entertains strangers, entertains angels" Thus the new music (there being 180 plus genres of electronic music) is there to boost the morale for originality, to entertain angels to boost their morale in these rather strange times..

For am hard of hearing, legally deaf, and have hundreds of bjork cds and remixes and hundreds of electronica, from drum n bass of tee bee from norway to the french house of cassius..
I have rather dealt with a facist, racist society that has tried to destroy my path in making electronic music. At first I tried making art thinking that visual art was the easy way out, but art school in the midwest is not deaf freindly and is filled with artsy fartsy dorks who do not like a deaf person in the art market and the arsty farsy rat race.
I was put in the mental hospital by an evil father for "delusions of granduer for wanting to make electronic music" when in reality, these shrinks are a part of a Secret Society of white trash supremacists who use psychotropic abuse to manipulate and transform personalities in negative ways. Riot against psychotropic abuse, young teenagers of Cobra Youth!!!

So, being deaf and being one from the "land of the deaf" I do too, in being a true American and excercising my freedom to make electronic music, and my American reponsibility to be the "kewlest person alive" because we have freedom and therefore we have the responsibility, to be kewl.

Fight for freedom!!! Riot against those in the white trash supremacist secret societies who wish to destroy your freedom!!! Riot Cobra Youth!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

live at overground!

Live at Admiral Twin Drive-In Sunday!!! Time of performance is unknown.. Bands play at 4pm all day and then movies at night.. perhaps I can play after the films for a nightie.. haha.

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