Wednesday, September 06, 2006

greetings party creatures and monsters!!!!

Have starflight with me, my darklings!!!
Lets bonk in love unguent!!!

I have a site that has my "glitz-tune-chiptune" music on it.. (scroll down to access the thumbnails to see the pictures and media)
All of that music was not used with a mixer. It is raw and well, edited with a retro copy of After Effects, haha.
Now that I've upgraded to a mixer and some software, my music studio has grown.. soon you will see an audio piece that is pheno!

ah.. I am writing a script, "The Spy in the House of Love"
this is so beautiful!!! What I have written, is So orginal! It makes my heart strings twang as I realized I have come upon a treasure trove in my mind and soul.. such is the poets search!!!

ride the snake, hop the snugglebunny!

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