Thursday, August 13, 2009

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Weir

This is one of my early kickboxing matches, my third or fourth one, I believe, and it was quite an interesting fight. First off, I could visualize what I wanted to do, and predict what my technique was going to be, and I visualized in my mind what kicks and combos I should use- and when I did, I did them and did exactly what I predicted, and KO'd Weir out! A fast KO in approximate 30 seconds.
On the same fight card, the main event is the Legendary Mansion "The Black Butterfly" Gibson, vs Bill Rastofer.

(pictured above, David Cardamone)

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Razor 2

Razor wanted revenge on me for brutally KO him out the first fight I had with him. He almost did, as he was aggressive, and was winning the fight, striking me more and winning more by points and aggression. He punched me so hard, I could not see out my left eye, and I had to fight blind in that left eye. However, when Razor tried to kick me in the face, I blocked it in a way that I deflected his kick, causing Razor to lose balance, and in that split second, as Razor falls, I kicked him mid-air, a swift kick in the butt, and went for the winning rear-choke and won a Champ Belt.

(pictured at left: David, pictured at right: Razor)

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Levi 'Slamking' Shrock

Levi "Slamking" Shrock was a formidable opponment. His name, "Slamking" aptly describes his amazing, takedown style, for in the beginning of this fight, the first move, Levi grabbed me, picked me up, and slammed me down to the ground. That's amazing. However, despite such an awesome move, he was no match for my striking and stand-up skills in this fight, and no match for my groundgame. I punched him hard, cutting his eye and spilling his blood all over the ring floor.
Prior to this fight, I had to lose like, 20 something pounds and worked all week on that, and the day before the fight I lost 13 pounds or more, by using dehydration and sweat, wearing a special sweat-suit (not a jogger's sweat-suit, but a suit you wear that makes you sweat, it's kinda like rubber). I wore it in the hot sauna, worked out, and drank pedalites. It was very grueling, excruciating exercise, and I was trained by Sgt. Pete Wilhelm of Triton Combat Centers. In addition, I had the flu that week and the flu during the fight, and I was very exhausted and sick, but nontheless, I won.

(pictured at right, Levi "Slamking" Shrock)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

david 'pygar' cardamone vs razor 1

David's first fight with Razor- David won by KO, in which was on the ground in the dominant Upa position. KO from the ground in MMA are rare, because standing and the stance is needed to deliver the power for a KO punch. However, David pulled it off and won brutally! WOW!

(pictured at left, Razor. Pictured at right, David Cardamone)

david "pygar" cardamone vs Alex Arnjal Video by L'Extraordinaire Mightor - MySpace Video

David 'Pygar' Cardamone, in Massacre at Muskogee, Dec 2009, Muskogee, Oklahoma, he fought former world champ Alex Arnjal. David made his grand entrance to the ring wearing the silver mucha mask of the mexican horror explotation movie star El Santo, and the fight song David chose was Bjork's "Army of Me" remix by Luv Beats.

David won by a fast KO in approximate 30 seconds. Tonya Harding was the manager.

(pictured in order: David posing with card girls, David striking Alex, Alex)

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Ace pt 1 and pt 2

(pictured in photo: Ace)
David 'Pygar' Cardamone fought a very difficult ninja, Ace. Who was such a bad-ass ninja. A very difficult opponment, for David and Ace fought four times, and this link, is the one winning fight David beat Ace. Since David cannot see very well, his eyesight is bad and his opponments look like blurry blobs. David cannot see Ace very well because to see black gloves, seeing black on black is very difficult without glasses, so David has a hard time seeing Ace's punches.

David is called 'pygar', named after the blind angel in the sci-fi movie, Barbarella. David is not exactly legally blind, but most people would use that phrase when they put on his glasses to see how bad his eyesight is..

In this fight, a nail-biter suspense where David wins by rear choke in the fifth round, David wins the 'Tapout Fight of the Night' award and see the amazing standing room only applause and cheering and fans entering the ring. See Tonya Harding as manager.

Ace was an amazing fighter. He beat me 3 times.

(pictured above: Ace)

Friday, September 08, 2006

a sermon from Reverend Dr. Mindbender

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands Psalms 100:1

See! For decades I had to spend struggling to make electronic music, for this land, here in the midwest, is filled to the brim with kkk, skinheads, the Rave-Blockers, the Fun-Blockers, for the very heart of the white supremacist secret societies who worship the white devil, for they try to destroy fun dance clubs in favor of "prep music" and the so called "jock music".

As I try to be open-minded and as a musician and like all music in general, it appears to me that the electronic music is the "voice of our generation" it is as Jim said, "the music must change to fit the voices of the generation" in his first interview with Patricia Keneally Morrison. There is no reason that the preppy, jocky, white trash supremacists try their best to destroy the electronic music subculture. For "what entertains strangers, entertains angels" Thus the new music (there being 180 plus genres of electronic music) is there to boost the morale for originality, to entertain angels to boost their morale in these rather strange times..

For am hard of hearing, legally deaf, and have hundreds of bjork cds and remixes and hundreds of electronica, from drum n bass of tee bee from norway to the french house of cassius..
I have rather dealt with a facist, racist society that has tried to destroy my path in making electronic music. At first I tried making art thinking that visual art was the easy way out, but art school in the midwest is not deaf freindly and is filled with artsy fartsy dorks who do not like a deaf person in the art market and the arsty farsy rat race.
I was put in the mental hospital by an evil father for "delusions of granduer for wanting to make electronic music" when in reality, these shrinks are a part of a Secret Society of white trash supremacists who use psychotropic abuse to manipulate and transform personalities in negative ways. Riot against psychotropic abuse, young teenagers of Cobra Youth!!!

So, being deaf and being one from the "land of the deaf" I do too, in being a true American and excercising my freedom to make electronic music, and my American reponsibility to be the "kewlest person alive" because we have freedom and therefore we have the responsibility, to be kewl.

Fight for freedom!!! Riot against those in the white trash supremacist secret societies who wish to destroy your freedom!!! Riot Cobra Youth!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

live at overground!

Live at Admiral Twin Drive-In Sunday!!! Time of performance is unknown.. Bands play at 4pm all day and then movies at night.. perhaps I can play after the films for a nightie.. haha.

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