Wednesday, August 12, 2009

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Ace pt 1 and pt 2

(pictured in photo: Ace)
David 'Pygar' Cardamone fought a very difficult ninja, Ace. Who was such a bad-ass ninja. A very difficult opponment, for David and Ace fought four times, and this link, is the one winning fight David beat Ace. Since David cannot see very well, his eyesight is bad and his opponments look like blurry blobs. David cannot see Ace very well because to see black gloves, seeing black on black is very difficult without glasses, so David has a hard time seeing Ace's punches.

David is called 'pygar', named after the blind angel in the sci-fi movie, Barbarella. David is not exactly legally blind, but most people would use that phrase when they put on his glasses to see how bad his eyesight is..

In this fight, a nail-biter suspense where David wins by rear choke in the fifth round, David wins the 'Tapout Fight of the Night' award and see the amazing standing room only applause and cheering and fans entering the ring. See Tonya Harding as manager.

Ace was an amazing fighter. He beat me 3 times.

(pictured above: Ace)

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