Thursday, August 13, 2009

David 'Pygar' Cardamone vs Levi 'Slamking' Shrock

Levi "Slamking" Shrock was a formidable opponment. His name, "Slamking" aptly describes his amazing, takedown style, for in the beginning of this fight, the first move, Levi grabbed me, picked me up, and slammed me down to the ground. That's amazing. However, despite such an awesome move, he was no match for my striking and stand-up skills in this fight, and no match for my groundgame. I punched him hard, cutting his eye and spilling his blood all over the ring floor.
Prior to this fight, I had to lose like, 20 something pounds and worked all week on that, and the day before the fight I lost 13 pounds or more, by using dehydration and sweat, wearing a special sweat-suit (not a jogger's sweat-suit, but a suit you wear that makes you sweat, it's kinda like rubber). I wore it in the hot sauna, worked out, and drank pedalites. It was very grueling, excruciating exercise, and I was trained by Sgt. Pete Wilhelm of Triton Combat Centers. In addition, I had the flu that week and the flu during the fight, and I was very exhausted and sick, but nontheless, I won.

(pictured at right, Levi "Slamking" Shrock)

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